2019 Isuzu D-MAX review | Australia

23 Jul 2019
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In this video, Jenny reviews the 2019 Isuzu D-MAX in the top LS-T Trim. The newest D-MAX has only seen some minor updates to keep it relevant in Australia’s ute market.
For the latest DMAX Isuzu maintain their 3 Litre diesel with 130 kW of power and 430 Nm from 2,000 revs. It tows up to 3.5 tonnes and officially consumes about 8 litres per 100 km.
It is not the smoothest, or the most powerful, or the most fuel efficient, but it is one of the toughest engines out there. The D MAX will endure loads of torture in rough conditions and do that while towing, hauling and breaking through terrains not meant to be driven over.
This might be the last edition before we see a next-gen Isuzu D-MAX on the Australian market. Might be…..
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  • A work colleague is looking to buy one of these purely because it is a damn good workhorse! Oh & Jenny in regards to the top storage bin, obviously you’re just not that good at pushing buttons!🤭 Nice review😎👍🏼

    Andrew DAndrew D4 gün önce
  • We're going to buy one next year in addition to my 2 years old crossover and i must say this is the far most detailed review that I've watched for this truck, but I'm okay with the LS 3.0L Bluepower M/T.

    Charlston RequiezCharlston Requiez6 gün önce
  • ford will never be ahead of an isuzu not by a long shot

    MojoMojo11 gün önce
  • very detail explanation...keep it up!

    LEE RonaldLEE Ronald17 gün önce
  • We have just ordered one for our Search and Rescue team. After watching this I am more than confident it will suit our needs. Looking forward to getting behind the wheel.

    sn47azsn47az19 gün önce
    • Hope you enjoy it!

      Eden AkashaEden Akasha15 gün önce
  • I've had a 2012 LST from new and I've never had an issue with it. It's a great 4x4 ute that still feels new, no rattles in the dash, doors are still solid, engine hasn't missed a beat, etc Best car I've ever had and i'll keep it for another 20 years.

    baaxbaax27 gün önce
  • Jenny.

    Isuzu BighornIsuzu Bighorn28 gün önce
  • I'd rather stick to my patrol.

    Im StrayaIm Straya29 gün önce
  • Noisy, slow and reliable, almost bought one a few years back, until I went to adjust the steering wheel reach and . . . well nothing ! And that was enough to put me right off.

    TheTripleDubyaTheTripleDubyaAylar önce
  • We had the Isuzu Hi Lander Turbo Diesel @ 18 years old and still revving... Isuzu build for tough

    Renowned TaloRenowned TaloAylar önce
  • WOW..!! watched your video for the first time and subscribed, your presentation style is really good and I liked it very much.

    Edmond TarverdyanEdmond TarverdyanAylar önce
    • Thanks for your support Edmond!

      Eden AkashaEden Akasha15 gün önce
  • waiting for automatic version in india

    Dhinesh VallavanDhinesh VallavanAylar önce
  • The car is a beast

    TheSquad1112TheSquad1112Aylar önce
  • Better than hilux....

    Daniel DomeDaniel DomeAylar önce
  • In South Africa the 2019 Isuzu D-Max 300LX still have a Payload of over 1000kg. In South Africa you get Toyota Hilux supporters but with the Isuzu D-Max you get Loyalist!

    Roelf LombardRoelf LombardAylar önce
  • jugamcooljugamcool2 aylar önce
  • Pity we only have the rubbish 1.9 engine in UK. Come on Isuzu UK bring the 3 lt to UK.

    Huw RichardsHuw Richards2 aylar önce
  • 4:36 LSD or LCD?

    Cnc ProductCnc Product2 aylar önce
  • Fuck off d max

    Dimis GkDimis Gk2 aylar önce
  • Boxy minivans; high-roof people carriers do sell a lot and this sort never does in Japan though SUVs do. I often saw pick-up trucks like this overseas. hmm

    Y YEY YE2 aylar önce
  • Is this the perfect TRkeys channel? Beautiful women reviewing cars?! My 2010 dmax has been brilliant btw

    Harry HarrisHarry Harris2 aylar önce
  • Wow jenny😍 you are so gourgous and love take you out for meal sometime😉

    Andrew ThomasAndrew Thomas2 aylar önce
  • Anyone else clicked on this vid just to see Jenny?..... Marry me Jenny.. Marry me

    Zedikai7Zedikai72 aylar önce
  • Obviously it is outdated to some extent but we are still waiting for the automatic version to come in India and also there is no 3L engine option. Isuzu seriously needs to do some major upgrades for their customers.

    Bikram SonowalBikram Sonowal2 aylar önce
  • DMX Is the best

    Maria PatiñoMaria Patiño2 aylar önce
  • Does the interior come only with 1 colour?

    Luvish FokeerahLuvish Fokeerah2 aylar önce
  • Awesome dmax

    Bakar JadiBakar Jadi2 aylar önce
  • Toyota Hilux is the best of all bakkies......

    GINO noGINO no2 aylar önce
  • Wouldn’t mind giving Jenny a test ride

    Dan CDan C2 aylar önce
  • Car is good,the Lady is beautiful..............

    Kevo PickettKevo Pickett2 aylar önce
  • Isuzu greatest damn ute ever built. One tough truck! Hello from Papua New Guinea!

    Mark KumanMark Kuman2 aylar önce
  • Love Isuzu dmax

    funny maker boyfunny maker boy2 aylar önce
  • it is Ugly! danggg

    Australian TurkAustralian Turk2 aylar önce
  • Dat 3L everybody use to rave abt 🤣🤣😁🤣 Keep it up thou 😉luv it

    pee loopee loo2 aylar önce
  • Revive Isuzu worldwide 😭

    MernernerMernerner2 aylar önce
  • Ha ha. This was worth watching just for the opening mechanism antics 😂

    TheBruthaDaveTheBruthaDave2 aylar önce
  • At 4:36 she has a ring on her finger but its gone immediately afterwards lol. Was the camera man that good looking that she decided to ditch her ring hahahah.

    LuisLuis2 aylar önce
  • Hopefully they keep the 4JJ1 engine for the new 2020 model.

    OutdoorsOutdoors2 aylar önce
    • @Bradley Austin Haha when my 2013 is due for replacement in +2023 I know which one I'll be buying.

      OutdoorsOutdoors21 gün önce
    • Yeah I've heard that also but I didn't know which models. My local Isuzu dealer said that Mazda will get the 1.9L motor as well. Most probably in the lower spec models. I'm guessing most people will still choose the 3.0 L motor. I know I will be.

      Bradley AustinBradley Austin21 gün önce
    • @Bradley Austin I've also heard that they may bring in the smaller engine for the lower spec models and keep the 3 litre for the upper spec ones, a bit like the Hilux range.

      OutdoorsOutdoors21 gün önce
    • I have heard from dealers and other sources that they are keeping this 4JJ1 for the new model when it comes out. Which is bloody good news.

      Bradley AustinBradley Austin21 gün önce
  • thats isuzus rule since when? when i worked at a isuzu dealer the isuzu rule was make shitty vehicles and dont stand behind them but price like its almost toyota quality and dependable to ride on the coat tails of persieved japanese quality

    Derrick MoyerDerrick Moyer2 aylar önce
    • That's strange I'm a mechanic at an Isuzu dealership work from dmax right up to Gigas... Nothing wrong with the mechanical side? What's your problem?

      mick romermick romer2 aylar önce
  • Hilux all day

    guy proulxguy proulx2 aylar önce
  • get rid of that silly hat

    David JonesDavid Jones2 aylar önce
    • No! 😜

      Eden AkashaEden Akasha15 gün önce
  • ^^いすゞ D-MAX mt35  I would like to see Isuzu D-MAX mt35

    すだこさんすだこさん2 aylar önce
  • shit....your so pretty my lady....and so hot....

    Jhun AlmeroJhun Almero2 aylar önce
  • Just like the previous year model, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that. 🤣 It's old in and out and poor value for money. The BT50 is also of the same age but present's better after 7 years on the market in all respects. (Mechanicallly) reliable it may be, but the rest of the car will be rooted before the drivetrain expires. Plastics scratch and fade easily, build quality isn't overly flash anyway.

    Mitch09Mitch092 aylar önce
    • Dunno Mitch. I have a 2008 one which is pretty much the same bar a few things and after 350k's and countless journeys around the country/desert/bush/beach and towing 3 tonne of horses all over the country with 3/4 tonne of tools in the tray it all looks pretty good and has never skipped a beat. Not saying I'm rushing out to get a new one but that's because there's nothing wrong with my old one.

      Solo DingoSolo Dingo2 aylar önce
  • no blind spot detectors boo hoo xD that's the last thing a truck owner would think about.

    Y AY A2 aylar önce
  • Very good vehicle

    Dwight SmithDwight Smith2 aylar önce
  • Triton better

    John SmithJohn Smith2 aylar önce
  • Is that Jenny, wearing a Hi-Vis Workman's Vest? Oh I GOTTA see this.

    Alexei Rivera - TechnoclastAlexei Rivera - Technoclast2 aylar önce
    • Jenny would look like a beauty pageant entrant even dressed in a hessian bag.......

      Ben HaynesBen Haynes2 aylar önce
  • Isuzu tech, I dont know how many bezel cover springs I've replaced for customers complaining the compartment doesn't open when it works fine. People just really struggle with them.

    naeinaei2 aylar önce
  • 5:22 to open the console on top of the dash, just press lightly. Easy. All Dmax user knows this.

    A MA M2 aylar önce
    • true, just press lightly

      project Eproject E2 aylar önce
    • No. It was not that easy, I tried many MANY different techniques. I think mine was faulty

      Eden AkashaEden Akasha2 aylar önce
  • Toyota and Isuzu are bae

    dinho890idinho890i2 aylar önce
  • 6:14 Simone is fine!ü

    AGCAGC2 aylar önce
  • No point in upgrading from my 2018 dmax then.. still haven't fixed that crappy storage box issue.. I've got $50 stuck in mine. It's more secure than the locks on the outside doors!. Nice feature Isuzu inbult keyless storage safe!

    T HuntT Hunt2 aylar önce
    • Lol! It's a mini fort Knox!

      Eden AkashaEden Akasha2 aylar önce
  • Here only for Jenny

    Lokesh ChandraLokesh Chandra2 aylar önce
  • We had a2005 trooper and we burned it it broke down so much but strong jeep

    Daniel Russell210Daniel Russell2102 aylar önce
  • Safety Tech? lol

    MrHqyangMrHqyang2 aylar önce
  • Nice to see an alternative Australian car TRkeys channel though I did think the wheel arch comparison was a bit stupid. Regarding leather seats, for dog lovers such as myself that takes your dog everywhere with you, one aspect I found a pain in the arse was the material seats as not only were they ghastly when my soaking wet, muddy dog fresh out of the river, held moisture, stained his hair would also weave itself into the fabric which was extremely difficult to remove using a vacuum cleaner. Leather is resistant to moisture, easily cleaned and obviously doesn’t have the issue of dog fur weaving itself in.

    MaZEEZaMMaZEEZaM2 aylar önce
    • Its a ute..... dogs belong in the back. Leather wont last 5mins with dog claws

      cob bercob ber2 aylar önce
  • Plez sends bobs and vegene

    max bettmax bett2 aylar önce
  • I see the storage console above the dash as a money saving feature - locking the wallet in there indefinitely!

    Andrew TAndrew T2 aylar önce
  • Winter in Australia

    TMTM2 aylar önce