Yemin 135. Bölüm | The Promise Season 2 Episode 135

6 Dec 2019
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Cavidan’ın planından habersiz olan Reyhan, Emir hakkında gelen haberi öğrendiğinde neye uğradığını şaşırır. Köşeye sıkışan Kemal ve Narin, müfettişi evliliklerine ikna etmek zorundadır.
When Mr Hikmet is given a terminal diagnosis he wonders what will become of the fortune he has worked so hard to amass - he can't leave everything to his frivolous son Emir. He travels to see Reyhan, the daughter of an old family friend. She is a kind and caring girl and Hikmet has her promise to marry Emir, securing a stable future for the family. But Emir makes his own promise - to punish his father for controlling his life he will treat Reyhan so badly that she is forced to leave him.

  • Loves Reyhan nd Emir form Pakistan

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  • Please add english subtitles i love this drama but don't understand the language.

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  • Muy interesante yemin en español

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  • Es muy linda novela las suegras turcas son terribles cuando ellas no eligen la novia

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  • Riyana tem quê falar com Emir ,muitas dúvidas sofrimento um tormento para os dois ! Será que o amor deles vai sobreviver com tanta maldade...uma mãe que só pensa em luxo , interesseira, má 😠

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  • Reyhan's reaction after hearing Emir's accident was funny n not convincing.

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    • What else she can do she was tired of showing tears in every episode

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  • This moody character of Rehan is annoying what kind of story is this. This series started soo nice I think I have to watch another series nonesense

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  • Narin-Kemal-Scenes PART 1 5:12 Kemal, Narin and the woman in the living room Woman: Yes... and now I want to be informed why this house here was taken. Narin: Before I got married I already have lived here. This here, the streets... I live it very much and therefore... there is nothing else to say beside this I told you before. Kemal: Because of the friends and the neighbors here in this area we didn’t want to part from here. We wanted to stay and not to move completely. Woman: It’s different... staying here?! Is that so? Look Mr. Kemal. This means that if you want to say to go on like this, that you and your wife live in different houses, I will not give up whatever happens to find out the reason why you are doing this way. If you want or not, I will check why you both live in a separated way. Narin: I didn’t separate from my home on my own. We are together... Woman: Madame Narin, if you allow me, I will end up my sentence! 7:51 Kemal, Narin and Woman in the living room Kemal: From the outer perspective it might seem a bit confusing/weird, but it is as we already told. My wife loves it here very much and likes to come here like in the past. I am going also...That’s the case. Woman: I understood. If you allow, I would like to inspect the house. 13:28 Kemal, Narin and Woman in the bedroom. Narin in her thoughts: What is this woman after? Kemal: How couldn’t I guess it/ Why didn’t I think about that?! Woman: These clothing here is only yours?! You said, that you were staying here together! Why aren’t here any clothes of your own, Mr. Kemal? Narin: We have just started to stay here...when we got married there was already this house here in our property, but we just started to stay here... and that’s why here are only my clothes at the moment! Kemal is managing this thing with bringing them a bit later. Woman: My job here is done. I don’t want to take your time any longer. Good day! 17:10 Kemal and Narin in Narin‘s new home Kemal: With certainty she will write a report about that! With certainty! Can you see where your stubbornness has brought us to?! If you haven’t gone this way and if you had heard what I was telling you, this here wouldn’t have happened! Narin: Now we are stopping here at this point! I wasn’t the person to decide that we are staying in different houses! You were the person who took this house here! And so you are the one who started this thing here! Now you are accusing me of escaping?! Kemal: Ok. Maybe I started this thing here, but I understood what a mistake it was and decided to undo this mistake! I told you this so many times, that it was a mistake and I did wrong. But what have you done?! You were stubborn and went to this house here! Don’t forget that you have destroyed everything. Everything. Narin: Stubborn?! Look for a divine crime, look at yourself before returning! You cannot blame others before you are looking at yourself! Kemal: I cannot loose my daughter. Do you understand? Cannot loose! 28:36 Kemal in the living room Kemal: How could I part from our path? I cannot live without you. Masal: My dear father, did you come?! Kemal: I came my beautiful daughter. Masal: I was looking for Kiraz by myself, but did you find her? Kemal: I found her. She is here. Sehriye: My sweetie. Your milk is ready and waiting. Come! Masal: We both are very hungry, so come on let’s go. Kemal: The woman from the social department...maybe the lady... Guess you understood the situation. She could report in some period of time... Man on the phone: Oh gosh. This hasn‘t been good. You know that you will give a report... It is not possible to change the judges mind after this report you know right?! Kemal: What does it mean now?! Is everything over?! There is nothing to be done?! Nothing to do?! Man on the phone: We only have one thing to choose... Kemal: Say it and I will do it! Man on the phone: You confess. Kemal: Are you kidding me?! As said, this man cannot be convinced in this life. Man on the phone: I am sorry, but there is no other choice least the only thing we can hold on to. Oya: Brother? Are you ok? 32:13 Kemal and Oya in the living room Oya: I think that the plan you made didn’t work the way you wanted. Don’t you want to talk, brother? Ok. Look what I am saying. It’s better to go over me... if you give time, the things will calm down in time... didn’t Narin exaggerated this a little bit, brother?! What is this, no way to come back?! Kemal: Doesn’t matter. There is nothing important left for me. 34:36 Kemal and Narin in the terrace Kemal: If you came to argue again, I have to say that I am not in the mood. Narin: You were right. I should have listen to you. I want to help you, but what I could do... I don’t know. Kemal: Nothing. From this hour on there is no one who could do anything. Narin: But there has to be a way. To solve...hopefully to find a way to solve this. Kemal: There is a way. One thing... Narin: What is it? Kemal: We have to go there to confess. To say it was for Masal. But it didn’t work out. This man won’t be convinced. This has to be the way to convince maybe... Narin: The only remedy to this life is death. And for any other thing there is a way.

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    • @ colibri bleu

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    • +PART 2+ 37:17 Kemal in his bedroom Kemal: I'm more broken, I'm tied to a bidet, what do you say I'm going to do?! I say both...what am I looking for... Narin: Now the first thing that we have to do is to calm down. And especially you have to rescue yourself from your nervous looks! You have to take a good look. You have to seem calm and silent, do we agree?! It’s done. You look great. Yes, what is it? You have to stay in an upright posture, ok?! Don’t you dare to forget the words I told you! 39:37 Narin and Kemal in the car Narin: If something doesn’t look the way it should be, it doesn't mean, that all is over. Unless you give up! Don't let yourself lose the custody for Masal. Relax now. 40:28 Kemal and Narin in the woman’s office Narin: Good work. Woman: Madame Narin, Mister Kemal. I was about to complete your „good luck“. I am wondering, why you came. Narin: Before you are going to make your decision we wanted you to listen to us. Madame Belkiz... Isn't that what it's like to be married? I mean, it's a bit of anger, a bit of a peace... the important thing is not to maintain the waves, the resentments. Kemal: It comes to love each other for that what is inside... I love my wife. 43:06 Kemal: My wife... I cannot think of being without her. Just like I couldn’t think about being without my daughter Masal. I don't know, how much I like to love you, but the only thing I know is, that I couldn’t live without her being in my life. I'll apologize again for hurting you! Narin: You weren’t the only one who made mistakes. I was also rude. I overreacted. You for being so angry, I shouldn’t have left you alone. If there is someone who has to apologize, it’s me. Because you... you're as good as a husband as good as you are as father. A husband who deserves much love. I know this will be our last good discussion, but we're at least a family. Let's discover what has to be lived... days later we have to bandage each other’s injuries/wounds in soul. And most importantly is our daughter. What Kemal lives through at the moment, we assure that Masal won’t be damaged. Yes, he is very prescriptive in business, in private, in the truth. You never have to give up principles, but he has a loving, compassionate big heart. The best father I've ever seen. He is a person who protects and protects his loved ones, ready for them to cross even cordially. Kemal: My wife is a very strong woman. On the condition that whatever happens she is standing at her own feet and of the bottom of her own self she is thinking wise and believes in justice. Ok, maybe she is gruff, but she is not able to hurt anyone. There is nothing, that she wouldn’t do for her beloved ones. What if one deserves you, nor does anyone else let me break it. When you look into these eyes, you can see her heart. Could there any better one for me than her? Woman: If I say that I am not impressed, it would be a lie. You're in love with each other, you're certain. I'm happy for you. But my opinion will not change. As I said in my report, I don't believe that it’s real that you are married. 47:17 Kemal in his villa Narin in her thoughts: My Allah, if I hadn’t been that stubborn. I wish I hadn’t. Why will I stay at the house you're holding. He is afraid that Masal is going. Kemal: No, something like this I cannot accept! As my own lawyer I am telling you that you are doing everything that is in your power. We have to find a solution! Maybe I put my things together and come to you. We don’t have that much of time, so hurry! Narin: Don’t do this. Look, you are saying hurry up. Kemal: I have to do something. I have to find a solution. Narin: Don‘t you say do me that you have to think in a logical way?! With this kind of anger it is not possible. We both have time, divine that we find a way. Kemal: We don’t have that much of time as you are thinking! There is a ne appointment at court. It took place tomorrow. Narin: How can this happen? Does Madame Belkiz wrote a new report?! Kemal: They are questioning if Masal is fine. This social workers can be allowed to take her. How we can explain this. There is nothing more important than this. The most important is to find a way to solve this until tomorrow. Narin: How much time until tomorrow? Kemal: The lawyers will come. We will work on the documents the whole time. Until this ends I won’t touch anything else. I don’t know now... I am going to have a look on the documents. That’s all. 50:08 Kemal looking at the documents Sehriye: And what now? Are they taking my blue one from us? They will tear us away?! Oh maybe.... these people have no conscience! Oya: There was another date for the court so what is the problem now? Brother?! Don’t put your head on the documents, give us an answer! What’s wrong? Kemal: They can choose like they want. And now they have changed the date because the don’t want to wait that long for Masal‘s sake. But of course I won’t allow something like this! And if you allow me to go on with my work, I could find a way maybe... Sehriye: Work on my son. Work. So much that she will stay between us. Kemal: Sehriye sister, I will say it only once. Don’t say this to me again. Masal won’t her something about this case! And don’t dare to cry. Narin: Yes. You are right. Masal shouldn’t hear about that. But this is the only thing for us to think about...if Masal sees you like that she would be very upset. She is an intelligent child. So you would do good in behaving in another way. Kemal: Masal is going nowhere else. I will find a way. And that’s why we all have to calm down. Ok? 55:55 Masal and Kemal Masal: Four... Kemal: If they take you from me, without hearing your voice...without seeing your beautiful face... it would be something I cannot stand. Masal: And five...father? Kemal: My lovely daughter. Masal: These are five... Kemal: Well done my beautiful intelligent daughter. Masal: But you didn’t forget right? At the weekend we will both are going fishing. Kemal: I haven’t forgot of course. When I am giving a promise, I will hold it! We will take some fishes. Masal: When I am taking some fishes...I am taking more than you and sister Narin. Kemal: I know that you will make it Hard for me, but...I will take the biggest one. Masal: I will take it. Kemal: We will see it little lady. Masal: Do you have to go to work? Kemal: To be at your side I won’t go to work. Masal: How is that? Kemal: Soon some friends will come. We will work here at home. You won’t go away from this place here. When I want to see you, I will come on my own. Is that ok? Masal: It’s agreed. Are you not going to work because of me?

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  • Ninguém v nem ouve as maldades dessa mulher. Uma empregada q viu ela tentar matar o marido. Engraçado q um homem desse q foi golpeado na cabeça eles ñ procuram saber o q foi q aconteceu.

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