Granite Mountain Hotshot wife Amanda Marsh speaks about her pain and healing

30 Jun 2014
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Amanda Marsh, wife of Granite Mountain Hotshot Superintendent Eric Marsh publicly talks for the first time about her pain and moving forward from the tragedy of Yarnell Hill. Marsh also let's us know where she's headed in her new life in this exclusive video.

  • Very well said Amanda,We will never forget but what we do in the future is really all we can do.....

    Jeff LineJeff Line13 gün önce
  • Amanda you have my total admiration! You have so much strength and wisdom!! My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you ! I’m planning a trip to Prescott/Yarnell to honor your husband and the rest of the hero’s who died on that fateful day! I want to devote my life to helping families and firefighters ,! If there is anything I can do to volunteer and keep this story alive, I would drop everything and be there in a second! Thank you for sharing your memories and mayGod Bless! 😥😢😇

    Jackie AtkinsJackie Atkins3 aylar önce
  • Amanda, I want you to know your words spoke to my heart and soul. God Bless you and take care.

    mightyblues7mightyblues73 aylar önce
  • I am just a civilian mother of 2 young children, and may I say, in our home your husband and his crew are heroes of the utmost caliber. My children will be told the story of these brave men and their courage and character, of their regard for God and others, and they will be made models of integrity in their lives. Regardless of whether or not you bore fruit together with your bodies, you most definitely have with your lives and love. You ma’am are the epitome of a wife, of true loyalty and companionship and proverbs 31 woman. Always praying for you.

    Sheila BarajasSheila Barajas4 aylar önce
  • But others have said it was her husband who led them into danger? I don't understand? He was their Leader, yes?

    teenie neenieteenie neenie4 aylar önce
  • Thank u so much for

    Andrea GrahamAndrea Graham5 aylar önce
  • No words can help her feelings. This is something that haunts you for the rest of your life. Really sad. Imagine your feelings in your darkest hour being shown all over the world

    jpm4444jpm44445 aylar önce
  • Structure or wildlandfirefighters its still a brotherhood

  • No words!

    Jim CarsonJim Carson7 aylar önce
  • You learn to live with your lost but you NEVER get over it. Thank you for sharing Amanda.

    kathé La Pointekathé La Pointe8 aylar önce
  • I'm so sorry for your loss

    chui 1chui 18 aylar önce
  • It takes very strong and brave men to put themselves in front of danger to protect people they care about and they communities they care about. Don’t be a hater! These are strong, very brave, fearless and very protective men here. God bless you Amanda.❤️❤️🙏🏼 these men sacrificed their entire lives for our safety!!

    Rocker12 abfan1Rocker12 abfan18 aylar önce
  • I appreciate you sharing your story. I’m sure you have helped so many people who are grieving or suffering from loss. I think your communication style is very kind & comforting. You’re an amazing person & my heart goes out to you for your loss. I pray you are doing well and sharing your wisdom with others 🙏🙏❤️🙏🙏

    Lisa ClickLisa ClickYıl önce
  • So is 18 others 19 with ERIC

    Kathy MeskerKathy MeskerYıl önce

    Kathy MeskerKathy MeskerYıl önce
  • People can be cruel ERIC WAS A HERO

    Kathy MeskerKathy MeskerYıl önce
  • What happened to Duane???

    Darrin BellsonDarrin BellsonYıl önce
  • God bless you and the other families. I cannot even imagine. You all are in my prayers and have been from the moment I heard of it.

    JustMyThoughtsJustMyThoughtsYıl önce

    Kathy MeskerKathy MeskerYıl önce

    Kathy MeskerKathy MeskerYıl önce
  • You are such an amazing women you are so much stronger then I would be and I adore you for that all 19 will never be forgotten bless you and your family

    Autism mommaAutism mommaYıl önce
  • Ken5423 Obviously you didn’t under the movie. Maybe after you grow up you can watch it again and pay close attention to the weather.

    Lisa DyllaLisa DyllaYıl önce
    • Maybe the movie isn't an adequate source, and is not the be all and end all of the investigation.

      Christoph DollisChristoph DollisYıl önce
  • Some people don't know that you have no children. I know the grief process is hard for each of us no matter what we go through and who we have to let go of. I remind myself daily that people don't know how to comfort, suggest or ask no more than I know how to grieve gracefully. And I remind myself that it is a good thing that others care, even if clumsily at times. Be patient with them and be patient with yourself. God Speed.

    Tamara KelliTamara KelliYıl önce
  • I have dealt with loss and negative effects of health, however I couldn't possibly compare my pain and tribulation with yours. God bless you and your sacrifices. The next time that I have issues with getting out of bed in the morning or with finding the motivation to "keep going" due to 8-9-10/10 pain, I'm going to reflect upon your strife. Your husband and his Crew are heroes in every sense of the word. You are a hero. I hope that you and the others are able to find peace.

    Patriot Arms of ILPatriot Arms of ILYıl önce
  • This was his 3rd wife.

    ratliff2006ratliff2006Yıl önce
    • ratliff2006 true but so what he got dat pussy real good bro

      Almighty BonesAlmighty BonesYıl önce
    • So

      Layton NataleLayton NataleYıl önce
    • ratliff2006 which doesn’t change anything

      The life of CollinRSThe life of CollinRSYıl önce
  • The media is a tool that is necessary but to intrude on a widow regarding her lost love on the anniversary, is not journalism. Thoughts go out to the lost but not forgotten.

    JrussellJrussellYıl önce
    • Jrussell she co

      ratliff2006ratliff2006Yıl önce
  • Eric Marsh killed the Granite Mountain Hot Shots.They were secure in the black.He killed them......he is no hero!

    KEN5423KEN5423Yıl önce
    • KEN5423 - there is absolutely no way Eric knew that fire would shift - no way and he is not responsible for their deaths. It was a tragic, horrible accident.

      Susan JenkinsSusan Jenkins15 gün önce
    • I have studied the subject extensively. I agree. Eric made a fatal decision. Steed disagreed but went anyway. A result of many human errors.

      David KelleyDavid KelleyYıl önce
    • Christoph Dollis the spouses did press charges on the states fire defense because of the mismanagement and poor communications

      The life of CollinRSThe life of CollinRSYıl önce
    • Also, maybe the bad command decision was not Eric Marsh's:

      Christoph DollisChristoph DollisYıl önce
    • Maybe Eric made a bad command decision. I don't know with certainty. However, what does that have to do with MRS. Marsh and her grief?

      Christoph DollisChristoph DollisYıl önce
  • I wouldn't trade places with her for all the money in the world. It sounds like he was her world and best friend. I would be lost without my husband but unlike her I have kids to help me through, she might of had to deal with this alone. I feel for her and hope she finds healing from what she has been through.

    Angel 123Angel 123Yıl önce
  • I thank her for pointing the one thing that most never mention is the weather. They were on top of a ridge with thunderstorms in the area(no-one likes being a lightning rod) so they headed for their safety zone at the boulder springs ranch as the was heading towards yarnell. Thunderstorms in the area began to collapse generating winds up to 60 mph. Fires can move at a rate of 10,000 acres per hour in the right conditions. Yes they made mistakes but each man had a right to refuse if they felt it was unsafe to move.

    firewatch814firewatch814Yıl önce
  • I have meet her like a couple of days ago here in Prescott Arizona.she is an amazing women.i gave her 2 pictures to hang up in her new office location

    mralfmralfYıl önce
  • Thank you for sharing Amanda. I can't believe it's almost been 5 years already. I remember that day vividly. We were playing in a memorial softball tournament. The wind was blowing hard one direction and then immediately shifted in the opposite within a matter of seconds. About an hour later some of the guys playing in the tournament had to leave after they got phone calls. Hang in there. A ton of people in this town care, myself included. I also wanted to thank you for opening up for the movie and sharing your relationship with the rest of the world. Stay strong. ❤

    Taylor ThompsonTaylor ThompsonYıl önce
  • As a portuguese firefighter i want to send my respects to those who died in that tragic day and their families. To those who everyday risk their lives for the others could live, a massive respect and big hug.

    Zhu Ge LiangZhu Ge LiangYıl önce
  • I like to know who was the jerk off that did a thumbs-down you people are pathetic

    Jack kamisizianJack kamisizianYıl önce
  • God Bless these precious widows and families.

    Jacob WhitmanJacob Whitman2 yıl önce
  • i hope you realize Eric Marsh lead bunch kids to their certain death to save a structure and abundant their mission which was to protect other firefighters behind them. When you diving into a bowl with no lookout and no location for air support shows a disrespect to the fire. They should have never break 10 and 18 and leave black that day.

    Chi ZhangChi Zhang2 yıl önce
    • Chi Zhang - there was no way Eric or Jesse knew that fire would shift or change direction and blaming an innocent man is wrong. It was a terrible accident. You adding your terrible opinion just hurts the families left behind

      Susan JenkinsSusan Jenkins15 gün önce
    • So basically they died to protect some stupid buildings.

      Almighty BonesAlmighty BonesYıl önce
    • Even if what you said is true, and I don't know, what the heck does it have to do with Mrs. Marsh and her grief? YES, the truth should be told so lessons can be learned and responsibility can be appropriately attributed. However, how does this relate to MRS. Marsh? She is not Eric, you may have noticed.

      Christoph DollisChristoph DollisYıl önce
    • And you should have never commented on this video. Marsh killed no man. The fire took them. Marsh pushed to protect a town and its citizens. My family included. The fire would have destroyed more if not for our Hotshot crew that gave their lives for Yarnell and the people of Arizona.

      The life of CollinRSThe life of CollinRSYıl önce
    • That’s what those guys signed up for, they knew it was dangerous and they knew their lives were on the line every time, hell I would of signed up to do this. These guys are heroes and they died that way, the fire just grew to fast and surrounded them.

      Josh LongJosh LongYıl önce
  • Did the pain subside some when you got paid$$$$$$?

    kevin mcneilkevin mcneil2 yıl önce
    • kevin mcneil - what an awful, awful thing to write ... I hope you never have to endure this pain

      Susan JenkinsSusan Jenkins15 gün önce

      Layton NataleLayton NataleYıl önce
    • She got paid well. The part time fire fighters got shafted.

      ratliff2006ratliff2006Yıl önce
    • Really how could you say that. You are scum.

      radduke2287radduke2287Yıl önce
    • kevin mcneil. You're a horrible person, not even human!

      Jules BJeweledJules BJeweledYıl önce
  • There is not many people that can relate or try to understand what you have gone through. I hope you know that there is enough of us in the wildland community that will never forget what happened that day, and make sure all 19 are never forgotten.. I truly look up to you for what you have done since that tragic day.. What you have done with the Eric Marsh Foundation, and what you guys do for the next family members that have a FF that doesn't go home, their family members now have a resource..i don't have the words other than thank you..

    Darren CarpenterDarren Carpenter2 yıl önce
    • Darren Carpenter your full of shit another TRkeys hotshot

      Almighty BonesAlmighty BonesYıl önce
  • TIme has gone by, but scars will always remain. In my times in fire (76 to 89) i knew those who died in the line of duty then. Their experiences much the same as today. THe crew did nothing wrong. They did as thousands of crew before them would have done. In Nature, their is no "absolutes". If you read this Amanda, know that there is a place where brave spirits go, and it is good. Youll see Eric again. Ignore those that talk about what they cant understand- about spirits or wildland fire. And as hard as it is, its the livings job to honor the dead by living the best they can. It is what they would want.

    nwsrda1nwsrda13 yıl önce
  • Amanda, I pray that you and the other families THRIVE! Thank you for this message.

    Ann AtkinsonAnn Atkinson5 yıl önce
  • Namaste and Blessed Be to you. You are becoming a woman of wisdom, love, and spirit. Thank you so much for this. It is so true, we are not prepared by our society for grief. My brother died in a "big media event" when he was 15 and I was 13. And nobody helped me cope with it. I wish you the very, very best in your PhD path at our common (and for me beloved) Alma Mater Prescott College from which I graduated in 1973.

    Marti ReedMarti Reed5 yıl önce
  • Amanda, if you need to do interviews for your PhD, please contact me. I graduated from Prescott in 2010. I lost my brother 10 years ago when I was 27 and I was stunned at how poorly grief is understood and processed in the United States. I struggled for over a year with depression and grief and friends did not know how to handle me. I had difficulty sleeping, cooking dinner, making it through a day without a nap, paying bills. After 5 months I got into a grief group that really helped, but still struggled. I'm all in for anything that helps people understand grief and loss.

    Shannon JShannon J5 yıl önce
  • You're husband is so close! We live in the Spirit World. You are light and I'd sure he's holding your hand up....along with the others. Spirit never dies. Prayers to everyone.

    Janelle Thompson-FrostJanelle Thompson-Frost5 yıl önce